I use cutting-edge technology to achieve high-level strategic business objectives and have a history of proven startup and business experience.  Known for both conceptualizing and delivering complex technology solutions on time and budget, as well as my hands-on approach in all web tiers— leading by example. I have a superior record developing, maintaining, and motivating highly-focused teams.  With over 20 years of experience, I have a complete understanding of the business product cycle, demonstrating this with focused day-to-day decisions and working as part of executive management to craft both technical and overall strategy to fit a company’s competitive needs. I’m a master of the Scrum Agile process. Additionally, I am a solid communicator, excelling at presenting company ideas, goals and objectives to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

In 2012, Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech named me the 2012 CIO of the Year in the Corporate category.

My products have been nominated for a Smithsonian award, and I hold three patents.


Senior Director of Engineering, Oracle; Cambridge, MA - 2017-present

Vice President Engineering and Development, The Affinity Project; Cambridge, MA - 2016-2017
The Affinity Project (TAP) is building a mobile virtual companion or avatar, known as Sidekicks, that serves as a mixed-media communications and content delivery platform for the parents (Coaches) of children with autism (Heroes).

  • Re-architected and lead the re-build of the entire system for scale.
  • Grew the team with seven new members
  • Migrated operations to be fully containerized (Docker) and migrated from AWS to Google
    • Reduced operating expenses by 33%
    • Improved performance by 50%

Chief Technology Officer, Educate Online; Danvers, MA - 2012-2016
Leading Educate Online's technology vision and team.

  • Redefining Educate Online from a services to a technology company.
  • Building next generation SaaS platform for education — first release delivered on time and under budget.
  • Reduced platform operating expenses by 93%.
  • Opened and staffed a new office in Danvers, MA and Boston, MA

Chief Technology Officer, Boston Technologies; Boston, MA - 2010-2012
Lead Boston Technologies' Product, Development, Architecture, and Quality Assurance teams and is responsible for the strategic direction, maintenance, quality, and delivery of its FX solutions.

  • Redefine Boston Technologies as an Agile company. This required modification of the company’s culture.
  • Re-architected the FX platform into a next generation, SaaS system — delivered on time and on budget.
  • Reduced FX transaction times by more than 10x.
  • Grew the Technology Team from 3 to 24 people.

Chief Technology Officer, Wimba (acquired by Blackboard, Inc., 8/2010); Beverly, MA - 2009-2010
Lead Wimba’s Product, Development, Architecture, and Quality Assurance teams and is responsible for the strategic direction, maintenance, quality, and delivery of its collaboration solutions.

  • Wimba was successfully acquired by Blackboard, Inc. in August 2010. In my short time at Wimba, the executive team and I transformed the company into a valuable acquisition target.
  • Quote from a colleague: “YOU were able to do more in 9 months than what the company did in the prior 3 years. Stick that on your resume.”
  • Member of new, six person executive team. Our mission was to scale the business and setup the product for the next generation. As a team, we added $21M in value to the company before being acquired by Blackboard, Inc.
  • Built a team in Beverly and fully integrated development with existing team in NYC as well as many remote contributors and off-shore teams.
  • Redefine Wimba as an Agile company. This requires a total transformation of all aspects of the business. Already hearing quotes of “Wimba is the best vendor we’ve ever worked with...” due to our efforts bringing customers into our product development process.
  • Refocus next generation architecture for SaaS, scalability, ease of maintenance, ease of deploy, and ease of operation.

Systems Architect, Sermo; Cambridge, MA — 2008-2009
Responsible for overall system architecture of the largest online physician community.

  • Drove understanding of Agile development process across all organizations, notably at the executive level and in marketing. Played a key role in turning around the perception (and reality) of Agile at Sermo.
  • Led architects in creating and executing architectural plan to begin migration from J2EE to Ruby on Rails.
  • Notable deliverables include UI Composition layer (crucial for Sermo’s hybrid architecture), an Enterprise Service Bus, a new Search service, and a lightweight, cross-platform services architecture.
  • Delivered Sermo NewsScores, a unique partnership with Bloomberg LLP to deliver Sermo data to the financial community.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Inquisix; Newton, MA - 2007-2009
Co-founder of up-and-coming sales referral site. Responsible for all aspects of technology vision and software development.

  • Presented company vision to venture capital firms and angel investors.
  • Built product from scratch using Ruby on Rails and MySQL - currently in production.
  • Used social application experience to change the way sales tools are built.
  • Frequent submitter to Open Source community (ex: Workling plugin updates for efficient background processing in RoR.)

Chief Technology Officer,; Cambridge, MA - 2006-2007
Recruited for strategic position reporting to CEO. Responsible for all aspects of overall technology vision and product development for a venture-backed Web 2.0 Social Media company servicing creative and young professionals.

  • Member of five person executive management team, responsible for technology vision.
  • Recruited and hired outstanding local development team, lead off-shore and on-shore development teams.
  • Lead team to first product delivery, on time and budget. Initial product building blocks were Java, Tomcat, Hibernate, Spring, and MySQL.
  • Implemented Agile Project Management in Engineering and expanded to include all aspects of the company. 
  • When business conditions changed, analyzed cost benefits and subsequently migrated entire application to Ruby on Rails and MySQL - always on time and budget.

Vice President of Development, PaperThin; Quincy, MA - 2005-2006
Recruited to turn around product development. Responsible for product development, quality assurance, and customer support for a Content Management System (CMS) provider. Managed all product design and development aspects of the core product. Version 4.6 won KMWorld's Trend Setting Product award in 2005 and 2006. PaperThin named to Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Program in 2005.

  • Restructured product development and quality assurance teams to be more focused on company goals and strategy.
  • Integrated off-shore Quality Assurance team, allowing for iterative development.
  • Instituted agile development methodology resulting in higher quality and on-time releases. Defects reduced by 80%.
  • Reduced Customer Support response times to hours instead of days or weeks.
  • Re-architected PaperThin’s flagship product, CommonSpot™ Content Server, to be multi-platform and highly scalable. The new architecture and product plan will transform the product to pure Java.

Director, Software Development, NaviNet (formally NaviMedix); Cambridge, MA - 1998-2005
First technical hire, lead architect, and Director of Software Development acting as principle consultant for technical strategy and direction of the company under Vice President of Engineering. In 2001, NaviNet was selected as one of five finalists for the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in recognition for its outstanding use of technology to benefit society.

  • Conceptualized, designed, staffed and managed the development of NaviNet, an award-winning, web-based, thin-client application to facilitate over 12 million online healthcare transactions per month (e.g. specialty referrals, eligibility inquiries, electronic claim submission, formulary look ups, etc.).
  • Teams under my management delivered 25+ on-time major releases in 6+ years.
  • Managed on-site and off-site development teams, while overseeing maintenance of existing software, production operations, design of new features, and next generation architecture. 
  • Planned and managed largest project in company history to migrate core product to .NET.  Project was delivered on time and on budget.
  • Proven track record of building and retaining great teams (98% retention rate.)

Senior Project and Technical Leader, Open Market; Burlington, MA - 1996-1998
Rapidly developed a reputation as a project turn-around specialist and rose quickly to senior project and technical leader roles.

  • Senior Project Manager for CommerceOperator, a suite of applications to help online businesses setup and manage online stores.
  • Technical lead for Seller Branding and Reporting, a set of utilities to easily brand a shopping cart and report on sales. Successfully turned project around and delivered on time.
  • Lead research engineer developing Java Object Framework for Internet Commerce. Demonstrated possibilities of a rich client.
  • Principle architect of SecureLink NT team. SecureLink generates secure electronic offers.

Principle Software Engineer, Lotus Development Corporation; Cambridge, MA - 1989-1996
Rapidly rose from developing integrity and virus detection tools in the Release Engineering department to lead roles on several shared infrastructure products. Code developed by my teams included in every Lotus product at the time.

  • Technical lead of Sweeper Research Team, responsible for investigating Microsoft’s Internet technologies. Individually responsible for developing technical plan to integrate Microsoft’s Internet technologies into all Lotus desktop products. 
  • Principle member of Lotus Components Team. Responsible for design and implementation of the Lotus Component Loader, a secure loader of components for Lotus Notes. Holder of two patents for this work.
  • Principle member of OLE Framework Team, a C++ class library to ease Microsoft COM/OLE implementation for all Lotus products. 
  • Lead developer for Common Install Toolkit. Reduced installation media needs by 70%, development time by 50%.

Software Engineer, Itek Optical Systems; Lexington, MA - 1987-1989
Responsible for all software on $30MM Keck Telescope project, the largest telescope in the world.


2012 CIO of the Year by Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech


M.S., Computer Science
Boston University, Boston, MA

B.S., Computer Engineering
Boston University, Boston, MA


Architecture for Customizable Component System
U.S. Patent 5,978,579, November 2, 1999

Method and Apparatus for Loading Components in a Component System
U.S. Patent 5,970,252, October 19, 1999

System for Dynamic Information Exchange
U.S. Patent 7,325,076, January 29, 2008