Disappointed in Apple

I've been using Apple products since the early 90's. It started with a Mac Iici, and it moved on from there with one stretch where I left. Unfortunately, right now I'm starting to see similar issues  to the last time I left. Back when I left last time, quality was becoming a problem. Lately I'm seeing the same thing. The issues are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, but they are a pain. More than the pain factor is the fact that the same two things have been broken for months. Internet searches reveal that I am not the only one.

Now, I'm not exactly inexperienced in the world of technology, and I have not been able to solve the issues. I can't imagine what a typical consumer is doing when confronted with basic functions not working.

Problem 1: AirPrint stopped working. I've been using AirPrint from iPads and iPhones basically since it came out. That all changed once iOS 7 came out. Now, it works only once in a while. All devices report that they can no longer see my AirPrint printer (Epson XP-610). I've tried everything from forgetting the network, resetting the network, unplugging, rebooting, etc. Once in a while it will work, but the majority of the time it doesn't. Months! I don't print much on iOS, but my family does, and it drives them nuts. What makes this especially annoying is that the fallback position runs square into problem 2.

Problem 2: iCloud can't open files. In theory, iCloud has this great feature. You open and work on a document on your iPad, and then you move to the Mac to complete it. Unfortunately, I rarely am able to get it to work. This is really fun when my daughter spends an hour on an HW assignment, but she can't print it due to problem 1 (above). Like the smart girl she is, she tries to switch to the family Mac, but she is stopped in her tracks when iCloud informs he that it can't open the file. Like problem 1, I can get this to work sometimes by jumping through a lot of hoops (logging out of iCloud, various reboots, clearing of cache, etc.). However, after a little bit of time, it usually goes back to not working.

Bottom line is this is really annoying. Theses are pretty basic features that need to work every time.

Get on it Apple!